Monday, August 5, 2013

My Yearly Journal

Five years ago, I started keeping every note, and every little idea and detail in a spiral notebook. That way, whenever I was given something I needed to take care of, I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget about it. I also jotted down memos to myself, dates, To Do lists, discipline problems, teaching ideas, classroom thoughts...just about everything that happened, needed to happen, or was about to happen went into that notebook. Unfortunately, pages in spirals have a tendency to tear, plus they're not that sturdy. So the following year I switched to a composition book.
OMG, what a lifesaver! If ANYTHING comes up, I know I can go to this journal and re-read my notes. It's worth 100x its weight for keeping track of issues I might need for a staff meeting, a parent conference, notes from workshops and professional development meetings, or just to CMA on deadlines.

In the past, I've used a black book, a green one, a blue one, and this year I'm using a purple one. As you can see, I'll be teaching Pre-K next year, but I already know I'll be utilizing a ton of teaching strategies and activities from Kinder.
(Yeah, I love to doodle. :)
I used these neat tabs I found at Office Depot to mark sections. I've already been adding some pictures of ideas I found on Pinterest.

I also have a section for the alphabet. One page per letter.

Finally, I took some snapshots of my classroom to remind me how I set it up. Over the summer the custodial staff will remove everything to wax the floor, but the furniture won't necessarily be returned to the correct location. Plus, I'll be able to quickly spot if something got accidentally transferred to another classroom.

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