Friday, September 27, 2013

Before or After Alphabet Card Memory Game

This is played like a regular memory game using a single set of alphabet cards. I used a deck I'd bought at a dollar store. (Just make sure the backs of the cards are all alike, and don't give any hint as to what's on the other side.)

Real simple - a player draws 2 cards. If the cards are "connected" (ex: H, I  or  P,Q), the player keeps the pair. If the pairs aren't "adjacent" (ex: B, R), they turn the cards back over and the next person draws.

A can be paired with Z. When the only cards left are ones that can't be paired, the game is over, and the student with the most pairs wins. (*Note: If the children were having difficulty - some were even singing the alphabet song - I gave them a simple chart to help.)

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