Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fill 'er Up Math Game and Freebie!

2-6 players

The object is for each player to draw one card at a time and match it to the correct number. If they draw a card for a number that's already full, they put it back. First person to fill 'er up wins! (Or you could start with completing one row.)

The cards include the number, the word, a die, a domino, a ten frame, objects, tally marks, fingers on a hand, and when they're ready for a little addition (or you just want to go ahead and introduce it), simple addition sentences. There are some blank cards, if you come up with another way to show the number.

Grab the jpegs below. All boards are 8.5x11, but I ran them off onto cardstock as half pages. I also included a blank template, if you want to expand the game.