Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Language Arts Stations for the Weeks of 9/16 and 9/23

These are my Language Arts Stations for the weeks of September 16 and September 23.

As always, Station One is my Guided Reading Station, and Station Two is the split station where two students go to the computer, and two go to the listening center. At this time the kids on the computer are using Starfall .com. I also have FunBrainJr .com, and ABCya .com.

STATION THREE: We were given these alphabet mats. I have the students using the blue letters to cover their match on the mat.

STATION FOUR: I made my own alphabet mats for the kids to roll and cover with Playdough. Right now they're doing A through E. Next month I'll give them F through J. (Don't forget to laminate your mats first, so the Playdough doesn't stick to the paper.)

STATION FIVE: Write the room! At the beginning of school, we labeled one object per day using pink index cards, until we had ten labels. Now they use their WtR sheets to find those numbered labels and write the word on their sheets. Next time I'll use a different color of index cards, so we can do this activity again.

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