Friday, September 6, 2013

My Math Stations for the Weeks of 9/3 and 9/9

My five math stations use the same schedule and bins as the Language Arts stations.

I have a set of cards that pair up with a number to a picture representation of that number (ex: 5, 5 birds). The students use the cards to play Memory.

Got this idea from Pinterest. Using the colorful popsicle sticks/tongue depressors, I put before-middle-after numbers on them, then made clothespins for them to clip on the answers. (Ex: __ 4  5, or 3  __  5, or 5  6  __.)

Got this idea from Pinterest, as well. I used colored index cards to make sets with the numbers 1 - 5. The object is to use a hole punch to put that many holes in the card as indicated by the number.

I'm using the 1 Die Blackout game I created and featured here. You can download the template, too. The object is to shake the die in the cup and cover the corresponding number. If the number is already covered, you lose that turn. First person to cover their card wins.

This was a freebie board game I got off Pinterest (again!). But instead of a die, they're tossing a penny. Heads = move forward 1 square. Tails = lose a turn. Later on in the year, tails will equal Move Back 1 square.

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