Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Using Pinterest Pictures in the Classroom - Sea Urchin Shells

* What do you think they are?
* How many do you see?
* Where do you think they came from?
* What can you tell me about their shape?
* Are they all exactly the same? Why or why not?
* If you were to put them in different categories (or piles), how would you separate them?
* How would you describe what they looked like to someone who hasn't seen this picture?
* Why do you think someone took a picture of them?
* If I were to give you one, what would you do with it?


  1. I believe these are sand dollars. They are of the same phylum as sea urchins.
    I really came late to this site. I wish I had found you earlier. You have such great ideas.
    I can use them since I originally taught HS and MS. Thanks for all you share! 8 - )