Friday, October 11, 2013

Going Batty! (with a Freebie!)

My stations for the next two weeks will have a Halloween theme in them, just to give the kids a little thrill. One of them in the Language Arts center I call "Going Batty!".

I took a bat graphic and made a page of them, then ran them off on brown cardstock. On one wing I put a sight word, and a point value on the other wing. (You can get this page for yourself by just clicking on the jpeg image below, which is already 8.5 x 11.)

The object is to draw a bat from the "cave". If you can read the word, you get that number of points noted on its wings. Points, in this case, are the use of those little Halloween mini-erasers. The way I figured out which words get what number of points was to basically do this: one letter in the word = 1 point, 2 letters = 2 points, 3 letters = 3 points, etc.

If a child reads the word correctly, they keep that card. If not, the bat flies back into its cave. Game ends when all the cards have been drawn. Person with the most points wins!

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