Friday, October 4, 2013

I Call It the Up- or Down-Side Game. The Kids Call It Frustrating.

This little game is so simple, but irritating as all get-out. Yet my kids want to play it even when they're not in centers.

The rules are:
* Each child gets 6 soda bottle caps. I have enough different colors so that each student can get their own color set. (When you first make this game, mark both the outside and inside of each cap with the same number, so that you can see what number that cap is whether it's right side up or upside down. I put sticker dots on and inside mine so that the Sharpie marks would be easier to see.)
* To begin, have all caps lying right side up.
* First person rolls 1 die.
* Turn over the cap with that number. (Later, if that cap is already upside down, turn it right side up.)
* The object of the game is for someone to end up with ALL their caps facing the same direction, either all right side up, or all upside down! First person who does wins!

Be prepared to hear a lot of laughter and frustrated growls!

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