Friday, December 6, 2013

Using Pinterest Pictures in the Classroom - Dice

* What is the first thing you notice about these dice?
* Why do you think they were made like this?
* Do you think each die looks the same? Or do you think they're all different? Why?
(Note how 3 is depicted on the first die on the left, and the last die on the right.)
* If you turned the dice upside down, what would happen to the dots?
* Do you like the way the dots are pictured on these dice? Why or why not?
* Compare these to a regular die. What do you notice is the biggest difference?
(Note that one side is totally blank on these dice, as compared to regular dice.)
* Taking in the fact that one side of these dice is completely blank, and all dice have 6 sides, what do you think would be the highest number of dots on one side? (They may say 5, then point out the die on the far right has 6 dots on a side.)
* Why would dice have a blank side?

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