Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Math Stations for the Weeks of 1/6 and 1/13 - with a Freebie!

Station #1 - Calendar Math
They'll use Vis-a-Vis markers on laminated templates to write the month of January.

Station #2 - Shapes Memory Game
I got this freebie here. It's meant for Thanksgiving, but the kids don't care.

Station #3 - The Gingerbread Boy Game
I made this one using a pattern I found on the internet. I ran off a copy on white, and one on brown tag. The tag I marked and cut so that it takes 6 pieces to make the character. Use one die (we're using a tally mark this week, and a word die next week) to roll. Put the numbered piece on the template. If you roll a number you already have, you lose that turn. First one to finish their gingerbread boy wins.

Station #4 - Tally Mark Dominoes
I made this game for the kids to quickly visualize tally marks up to six.

Station #5 - Roll and Uncover WINTER
Instead of rolling a die and covering this game board, they UNcover it. (Or, you can cover the snowflakes, but I wanted them to do something different.) Must roll the Exact Number at the end to win! (Instead of a regular die, I'm using one with tally marks, then with number words.)

Here's the 8.5x11 template. Click it to get the full size you can download and print (one for each student).

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  1. Wonderful. It's great that you have allotted quite a huge time for k-6 tutoring. That's productive for your part and the students as well. Learning doesn't stop even for summer vacations.