Friday, January 10, 2014

The Seasons - A Science Project/Activity, with a Freebie!

 We've been studying the four seasons, so I decided to conclude the unit by having the children make little booklets.

Step One, Day One:
I took 3 sheets of paper (I had lots of colored paper to utilize), folded them in half, and stapled together. The students put the title on the front cover, and their names. I had to laugh at how many wrote the word "name", instead of their names. LOL!

Following that, they wrote WINTER on the first page, SPRING on the next page, SUMMER on the next, and finally FALL.

Step Two, Day Two:
I gave each child a copy of the seasonal calendar (below). They cut out the months and glued them to the correct page/season.

Step Three, Day Three:
I then collected several pictures off the internet. The students had to pick one picture to represent each season, and include it on that page.

Below is the template of seasonal months. Just click on it to get a full-sized version you can copy and print.

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