Monday, February 24, 2014

1 Master, 2 Subjects, 4 Game Boards, Same Rules

A fellow teacher made me a copy of a blank game board she found to use, and I was trying to figure out what to use it for, when I got an idea (always a dangerous thing, right?)

I made copies of the board, and glued them to old file folders. 

Next, I put tally marks on one and shapes on the other for my math.
For my language arts, I put the number words on one board, and color words on the other. 
(Remember, since a die is six-sided, you're restricted to only six possible answers.)

The HOW TO PLAY rules are simple. Each child gets a marker. They roll the die. They must roll the exact answer in order to move their marker to the next space. Example: If they are on the III (3), they must roll a 4 to move to the next space. First to reach the Three Bears' House wins.

With the math folder, they can do the tally mark set one week, and the shapes the next. Ditto for the language arts folder - number words one week, and color words the next. This gives each folder a two- or four-week lifespan.

Also, I can change up my dice. For the tally marks, I can use a regular dotted die, or one with the actual numbers. Same for the number words game board. Below, you can see the color word die I made.

So, with 1 blank master, I was able to cover 2 subject areas with 4 game boards, yet the rules on How To Play remain the same, so there's no confusion on what to do. And these can go in both my language arts and math stations.

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