Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Math Stations for the Weeks of 4/21 and 4/28, With a Freebie!

Station #1 - Calendar Math
Working on the month of April.

Station #2 - Putting Together a Giant Floor Puzzle...of Bob the Builder

Station #3 - 3-D Bounce
I took this freebie and adapted it. The students draw one of the cards, then put their colored chip on the corresponding picture on the placard. As they go through the cards, they're allowed to "bump" anyone on a shape they need. When all the cards have been played, the person with the most colored chips left on the placard wins!

Station #4 - Easter Bunny Roll-a-Puzzle
I took this Easter freebie an turned it into a roll-a-puzzle. They roll the number word die, then find a corresponding piece with that number die on the piece. (Note: One piece is blank. I just added six dots to it.) First person to roll all the pieces they need to complete the puzzle wins!

Station #5 - Tens and Ones
It's simple. They children roll 2 dice. Ex: If they roll a 1 and  4, they can either cover up a 14 or a 41 with their particular marker, depending on what's "open". If they roll a combination, and both possibilities are already covered, they lose that turn. This game can be played until all numbers are covered, or until the teacher calls time. Person who covered the most numbers wins!

You can click the play card below to get a full-sized jpg you can save and print.

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