Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Game Board With a Word Die

Remember me telling you about that package of 3 word dice I got from the dollar store? And how I used one of them to make a dinosaur word game board?

This time, using another one of those word die, I found an old "make it yourself" game board sheets to adapt.

First, here's the die I'll be using. The sight words on it are MY, SAID, HELP, UP, THREE, and YOU.

Here is the made-it-yourself gameboard I copied from a workbook.

After trimming the edges, I glued the game board to a folder. 

Then I wrote the words on the spaces.

Add some color, and - Voila'! - a new sight word game board!

There are two ways to play. The fast way is to move your marker to the next word you roll.
(Ex: If you're on "my" and roll "three", you skip "said" and "you".)

The slow way is you can't move to the next word until you roll it. 
(Ex: If you're on "my", you can't move to "said" until you roll it.)

Winner must roll a "you" to land on the hive and win.

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