Friday, June 20, 2014

The Fishing Pole Game

1. Go to the dollar store.
2. Buy enough of those fishing pole games for one center/station, and several sets of magnetic letters.

How to Play:

*Dump letters into a box or bin.
*Altogether, every child has to "fish" for letters.
*You set the rules. Such as, first child to spell a word with their letters wins! (note that all words must be CVC or at least 3 letters long - but you may start earlier in the year with 2-letter words such as at, me, my)

*Children can also practice "catching" the letters in their names
*To make it harder, have them draw a card with a word on it, and they must catch it

Note: To use this at the beginning of school, have them try to put the letters in alphabetical order. Ex: Someone has to catch the A, then someone has to catch the B. But they're all fishing at the same time!

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