Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reading Chart - Week One

Our school system began using a new word chart for Kindergarten. So I'll be posting my weekly reading charts on Wednesdays, to be used the following week.

On Mondays, we read together. (After the first 9 weeks, I let them read aloud by themselves as a group, without my assistance.)

On Tuesdays, we'd read the chart again. Then I would start having (keeping tabs of who's read) the children read aloud individually.

On "Win-Win-Wednesdays", we'd read the chart, then I would pit one group against the other. Ex: boys vs girls, each table against the others, etc. Whoever read the chart with the least amount of errors got to be at the head of the line that day (to lunch, to PE, to recess, etc.)

On Thursdays, we read the chart again, and I would have who hadn't read on Tuesday have their turn.

On "Fun-Fun-Fridays", we'd read the chart. Then we'd read it BACKWARDS. 

The following week, we'd review the previous week's chart before going to the next one.

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