Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Ways to Use Stickers in Your Classroom (That You Probably Never Thought Of!)

Here are 5 odd/new ways you can use those stickers you normally give out to your students.

1. Cut in half. Put the half on a sheet of paper or index card, and have them draw the other half. This works both sides of the brain, as well as perception and fine motor movement.

2. Place a whole sticker on paper and have them draw a scene around it. Have them describe what it's about to the others.

3. Pretend their sticker is the cover of their book. Have them write a few sentences, paragraph, or story. Don't forget the title!

4. Have them relate their sticker to a number. Ex: 2 skis, 3 ornaments, 2 squirrels, 12 snowflake points. (Anything BUT the number 1.) Graph the stickers - how many had 2 of something, how many had 3, etc.

5. Make an alphabetical list of the pictures on the stickers. Ex: E = elephant, M = mouse, mitten, S = snowflake, squirrel, snail, skunk, shovel, etc. 

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