Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reading Chart - Week 5


  1. Can u plz explain this reading chart to me?

  2. Hi! I would be happy to.

    I started with Week 1, sounding out the words and having the children read and repeat the words. We do this on Monday.

    On Tuesday, we repeat what we did on Monday, then I let four or five children try to read a line by themselves. If they can, they get a sticker. We do this again on Wed. and Thurs., until every child has had a chance to read solo.

    Also on Wednesdays, I do what I call "Win Win Wednesdays", where the boys read as a group, vs the girls group. Winning group gets to line up first for lunch, the playground, etc.

    On Friday, for fun, we read the chart "backwards" (bottom to top, or from last word to first).

    The next week, we do it all over again with our next set of words. The words I'm using are the ones my school district expects every child to master by the end of Kindergarten.

    Hope this helps!