Friday, November 7, 2014

Coins, Part Two: A Nickel = 5 Cents

Continuing with learning money, here is the nickle. Of course, I didn't introduce this until we were first able to count to 25. The worksheet below is full size. Just click on the image for the sheet you can save and print.

First, color the coins.

Next, write 5 cents on each coin.

Then, have them circle the nickles into groups of 2, teaching them that 2 nickles = 1 dime, or 10 cents.

Finally, for those who need to be challenged, have them group the coins in groups of 5, to tell them that 5 nickles = a quarter, 25 cents. There are 40 coins, so there will be 20 groups of 2, and 8 groups of 5.

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