Friday, July 24, 2015

Using Pinterest Pictures in the Classroom - Fruit Peelings Rainbow

1. What does this look like to you?

2. What do you think this is made of?

3. Can you name the different fruits making up this rainbow?
(Answer from bottom to top: lime, lemon, orange, pomegranate, grapefruit)

4. Is this rainbow like the rainbows we see after it rains? Why or why not? How is it different?

5. Which colors are the same as a real rainbow? Which ones are missing?

6. How many sections do you see? How many sections are in a real rainbow? Which one has more/less?

7. Why do you think someone made this fruit rainbow?

8. This rainbow is 3 dimensional. What do you think that means?

9. If you could make your own 3D rainbow, what could you use?

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