Wednesday, August 26, 2015

HOMEWORK Tracker Incentive, and a Freebie Template

I used this template for a few years to help me keep track of who had done their homework, and as a reward incentive when they completed it. Of course, one of the stipulations was that THEY had to do their own work and not a sibling or parent.

One way I used this was I glued a page in their homework folder. Every morning, the children turned in their folders in the basket by the door as they came into the room. As I checked their folder, if the work was done, I used a colored marker or Sharpie to initial one block. When the word HOMEWORK was completed, the student got a treat. (A lot of times it was a gumball or piece of bubble gum that they could chew after school.) When the entire sheet was initialed, I glued on a second sheet.

Click on the picture below to get your template you can save and print.

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