Monday, June 26, 2017

Word Searches

My Kinder kids loved to do word searches. Giving each child a highlighter, I'd let them work in groups or individually to find and mark the words noted below the graph. Be sure to teach them how to direct another student to a word, rather than point it out. Ex: the word ON is 8 rows down, and 3 squares over.

It's important to start off slow, beginning with 2-letter words. (I've even done Letter Searches, when we first begin learning letter names and sounds, using upper and lower case.) Keep the words horizontal, going from left to right, as you'd normally read them.

When you're ready to graduate to 3-letter words, keep the words horizontal and L-R. Since they are beginning readers, do not place the words up and down, backwards, or diagonally. Some of the students may be un-diagnosed dyslexic. 

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