Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Sentences With Newspapers!

With the end of the year looming, and all the paperwork/inventory/testing involved that needs to be done (and no assistant), there's little time to actually teach class. Many teachers resort to playing movies in their rooms, but I don't like doing that. I want the students to still learn. So I came up with this activity that the children literally jumped on.

I gave each child a sentence strip and a page of the newspaper. I instructed them to write me a sentence telling me what they wanted or planned to do this summer. Then they had to "write" the sentences again using words from the paper. (If they couldn't find the word intact, they could cut and paste letters together to spell the words.)

The results were fun and often funny. Braedyn's sentence reads, "I am going to the aquarium."


  1. Such a cute activity!!!

    Jessica Stanford

  2. Great idea! I am so glad that I found your blog. I am looking forward to following you!