Friday, February 1, 2013

Letter D Activities

For the letter D, we did the following activities:

* made our Dd anchor chart by finding pictures in catalogs

* recognized everyone who had the letter Dd in their names

* jumped the D on the floor every time we entered the room

* turned the lower case d into a dinosaur

* took pictures of a Duck, Dolphin, and Dog, and worked on our ABC patterns

* learned to do a Dot-to-Dot worksheet (it was our first "connect the dots" paper for everyone!)

* learned to play a new game with Dominoes (go here to see how to play MORE OR LESS?)

* Science Experiment: How many Drops of water will fit on a Dime?

* turned the upper case D into a Duck, complete with feathers

* and on Fun Fun Friday, we got to snack on Donuts!

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