Monday, February 18, 2013


There are times when I need to send home a reminder to the parents for the following day, like no school on Monday, picture day tomorrow, etc. I used to hand them little slips of paper with the notices printed on them, but half the time the slips got lost before they got home, or were forgotten in the depths of their backpacks.

So I came up with the wristlet idea. You can get a copy of the template (see below) here.
When you print out the template, use the 5x7 PHOTO option. You'll see 6 vertical wristlets.

Then select 2 copies. Your template will then hold 12 wristlets. Hit Print.

Write in your information, then run enough sheets to have a copy for each student. Cut out the wristlets and either tape them on the arm, or staple the ends together. Voila! An instant message each student will remember to give to their mother as soon as they see them.

(Wristlets stapled, above, and taped, below.)

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