Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turkey in a Cup Math Game

I found a cute little turkey clipart on the web, and printed off 11 of them. Then I numbered the turkeys 2 through 12, and taped them to some clear plastic cups.

I also found the feathers on the web. I ran enough feathers on different colored cardstock for 5 students to play (it comes to 11 feathers per color).

To Play:

Each students gets a bag of 11 feathers, all one color.
Student rolls 2 dice.
Add up the dice, and put a feather in the cup with the turkey wearing that total.
If that cup already has one of that student's feathers, they lose that turn. (Since each set of feathers is a different color, it's very easy for the child to see if that turkey number already has one of his.)
First person to get a feather in every cup wins!

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