Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Math Stations for the Weeks of 3/3 and 3/17

Station #1 - Egyptian Bump

Station #2 - "1 Master, 2 Subjects, 4 Game Boards, Same Rules"
We're using the math version for the next two weeks.

Station #3 - Gridlock Jr.
You can get your freebie here.

Station #4 - Count and Match Memory
I made this simple game using the ton of stickers I had on hand. 
Basically, I put a specific number of stickers on two separate cards (I used 0 through 10). I used as many different stickers as I could find to increase the difficulty. To play, the kids have to find the two cards with the same number on them. Once all the cards are paired up, the person with the most cards wins!

Station #5 - TEN!
A retired teacher game me this deck of cards with large numbers. I removed the royalty, but kept the Jokers.
To play, each child draws a card from the stack. Each time they draw a card, they try to see if their cards add up to 10. When they reach 10 or over, they put the cards aside in a pile and draw a fresh card the next time it's their turn. The ace counts as 1. Whoever draws a Joker has to put all their won cards back into the bottom of the pile. Once all the cards are drawn, the person who has the most wins!

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