Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Indoor Recess - Bad Weather Activity #2

This one is great if you have limited space to put the children in a big circle.

Remember the game "Freeze"? Where you play music, then stop it, and the children have to "freeze" where they are? No music is required for this game! And the kiddos don't have to be in a circle!

All they have to remember is:
When You Clap Once, It Means GO

When You Clap Twice, It Means Stop

Tell them to walk around the room. Alternate your claps, sometimes adding two GO claps together, or two STOP signals back-to-back to trick them. Because you're also building listening skills and boosting brain work!

A good 3-5 minutes of this not only gets their wiggles out, but also gives them a much needed brain break. And there's no equipment required!

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